Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  We went to the sunrise church service this morning.  I was proud of myself (and Cory) for getting out of bed so early on the weekend!  At our church, you really don't have to dress up.  It is common to see guys wearing their bathing suits with a t-shirt, shorts, tank-tops, you name it.  Since it was Easter, I decided to dress up for once.  I wore a pink skirt, and Cory said it made me look like an Easter egg, but that's okay. The service was held at Koloa Park, under a pavilion.  It was a really nice service, but a little chilly outside!  Although it was a very pretty setting with the mountains in the back-ground.  After church there was a pot-luck and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  All we brought for the pot-luck was colored eggs.  I miss all of my kitchen supplies!  Cooking is not as fun when you only have one small bowl and one pot (basically we have the necessities).  I am excited for the day when I can finally use our wedding gifts!  We will probably bring some things back with us when we return from our Michigan trip this summer.

Some of my students mentioned that they were going to participate in an under-water Easter egg hunt, sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club!  Sounds like fun!  I'm thinking that it must be in a pool, or a very calm and protected swimming area in the ocean.  It seems like the ocean would wash away the eggs before the kids could find them though! 

- Emilie

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