Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lihue Cinema

Last night we went to our first movie in over a year! We saw "American Reunion". We thought we knew where he movie theater was, turns out we didn't. In Lihue there is a building that looks like an old style movie theater, with movie posters out front. That is the old location and now it is some kind of aparments. The theater is actually across the street from the mall (I can't believe we didn't notice it before). It is kind of run down, but the price was good. Surprisingly, they only accept cash. It was definitely not AMC 20 style, but not bad either. It is the only "regular" theter on the island. There is one in Waimea that shows only one movie a week, I think. When we got here they were playing Jurrassic apparently they show old movies too. The only other place to see a movie is called "Sunset Cinema" which is an outdoor theater in Kapa'a. However, they don't have movies shown regularly. I'm pretty sure they don't have new releases either. So if there is anyone out there who wants to live on Kauai and loves to go to the movies, you should probably live near Lihue! -Emilie

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