Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Merrie Monarch 2012

The Merrie Monarch Hula competition took place last week on the Big Island.  Below are links to videos of my halau's performances (no I was not in it)!  I think the dances are very impressive, it makes me feel lucky to have practiced with such talented girls, especially because when I started, I didn't no anything about hula.  Sadly,  I'm not sure if I can continue dancing because I don't want to overdo myself with grad school starting in a few weeks... plus, I would be missing quite a bit of practices because of our traveling this summer.

The link below is the kahiko (traditional/ancient style) dance.  They are wearing skirts made out of ti leaves.

The next link is the auana (modern) dance.  They are wearing the world famous Niihau-Shell Leis.

The following link is of a solo done by one of the girls in my halau.  She competed in the "Miss Aloha Hula Competition"

If anyone has any questions about Merrie Monarch or hula in general, feel free to comment!  Until I came here, I had a completely different idea of what hula dancing was.  I hope you enjoyed the videos!

- Emilie

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Tracie said...

It looks like we moved to Hawaii about when you guys did, but we're on Oahu! So interesting how different life is on another island - thanks for sharing :) Do you mind if I put a link to your site from mine for people looking for info on Kauai?