Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Countdown until Summer!

11 days of the school year left!  Teachers and students alike are definitely feeling summer approaching.  The whole school has been working really hard on perfecting their hula dances.  They will be performing at the graduation ceremony.  The middle and high school students are doing this really cool dance with wooden staffs.  They found their own branches and had to sand them to perfection.  The dance is hard to describe, so hopefully I can videotape it at graduation and post it. 

I'm excited to see what graduation is like here.  The ceremony can't be too long, because there are only 7 graduates.  I've been told that they will be showered with so many leis that you wont be able to see their neck at all!  After the ceremony the evening directly turns into one giant graduation party.  Each student will not have their own separate one, we have one party for all of them with the whole school and all of the families at once.  The following week, they are going on a trip to Disney World!  Apparently seniors from across the country can sign up for some kind of Disney senior trip.  The students from my school will get to do different activities with other schools that are also there for the Disney trip.  Sounds like fun!

- Emilie

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