Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kapa'a Bike Trail

Cory and I recently bought mountain bikes!  We have been on a couple of rides in Kalaheo, where we live.  It is definitely a great workout, because our town is entirely composed of serious hills.

 Last weekend we got to use our bikes for more of a leisurely ride.  We rode on the Ke Ala Hele Makalae trail in Kapa'a, the name  means The Path That Goes by the Coast.  The whole trail is 7 miles, but we only did part of it... we stopped to relax on the beach after about 4 miles.  I can't wait to do the whole thing!

 This is the best bike trail I have ever seen!

 We found this beach which is only accessible from the bike path!  We had it all to ourselves! Lots of driftwood.

 Strange looking tree on the edge of the beach.

The end of the trail stops at the ocean.

- Emilie

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