Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kilohana Plantation and Wailua Falls

Last weekend was pretty action-packed for Cory and I.  After school on Friday, my class and the kindergarten/first grade class all went to the principals house.  The kids were spending the night there and going on a class trip the next morning.

At the house the kids got to make some delicious treats, play outside, and watch a movie.  As you might imagine, they were all very excited.  Quite of a few of the kids were attempting handstands and back-walkovers while they were playing outside.  It was quite entertaining.  The principal has a very nice grassy yard, which was a great change for the kids.  Our schoolyard is mostly dirt with a small amount of scattered patches of grass.

The next morning, we went to the Kilohana Plantation in Lihue.  We went on a train ride around the plantation.  We saw an orchard that was filled with different types of tropical fruit trees and the beautiful Painted Eucalyptus tree.

The train!

Painted Eucalyptus 

About half-way through the train ride we stopped to feed pigs and goats.

After the train ride was over we went to Wailua Falls.  Cory and I actually did not know that it even existed.  Turns out it was really close to Lihue, we just had to go a little ways off of the main road.  The road twisted and turned for a ways until we were met with a dead-end.  We had a great view of the waterfall and it was beautiful!

There is a trail from where this picture was taken that leads to the top of the waterfall.  Supposedly, you can swim in the river before the falls (just don't go too close to the edge)!  We also saw two people down below the waterfall going for a swim.  I'm not sure where the trail is to get there, but Cory and I definitely want to swim beneath the falls.  Hopefully soon!

- Emilie

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