Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maui - Part 2

On Tuesday we spent the day checking out all the resorts that are along the beach. This beach has been voted the Best Hawaiian Beach and it stretches over 3 miles on the western shoreline!

The main Kaanapali Beach area was developed as a totally planned Golf Resort, Beach Resort, Hotel, Condominium, Timeshare and Shopping community. Surfing, swimming, sailing and snorkeling are examples of activities at the beach. Golfing and Whaler’s Village with shopping, dining, museums and galleries are a small example of what entertainment the community holds in addition to the great beach.

 This bar is underneath the waterfall at the Hyatt.  Right behind the bar where people are sitting is the pool!  

Hanging pool side!
 I have never seen so many waterfalls at one resort.

Loving every minute of Maui.


This morning we continued to be spoiled by a delicious pancake breakfast!  We spent the morning playing rummbikub (which is a very addicting game).  We are really enjoying having some time to relax.  I am especially enjoying being able to get up after the sun is up.

Later, went to the Plantation Course at the Kapalua Resort for lunch. 

On our way back to the condo we stopped at the most incredible beach.  It looked like a screensaver.  The water was calm and crystal clear.  The beaches on Maui are just unreal. Kauai does have some great beaches, however I think it is safe to say Maui has some of the best!

Napili Beach

In the evening we went to the beach for the Sheraton's "Torch Lighting and Cliff Diving Ceremony".  It is part of their nightly entertainment which also includes hula dancing and Hawaiian music.  During the ceremony a man ran up the side of Black Rock carrying a torch (the one that Cory jumped off of in the previous post).  When he got to the top he lit several torches.  Next, he threw the torch and the lei that he was wearing into the ocean.  Finally, he dove off of the cliff.  Wouldn't that be a perfect job for Cory?  The professional cliff diver. -Pictures to come, we did not have a camera with us. Stay tuned for those!

- Cory and Emilie

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Richard C. Lambert said...

Here is a picture of Steven at Bubba Gump, in the Forrest Gump on maui