Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maui - Part 3

We had a great surprise ending to our trip to Maui.  We happened to be on the beach where there was going to be a outrigger sailing canoe race the next morning.  The race started on Maui and ended on the island of Molokai (which is 15 miles away).  We were told that the race would take about 3 hours.  The people who were part of the canoe clubs were giving free rides on the canoes!  Cory, Cory's Grandpa, and I signed up right away.  We randomly got paired with a team from Kauai.  The canoe went much faster than I expected and it was a really smooth ride.

 Getting the canoe ready.

We made it safely back to shore!

Goodbye Maui!

- Emilie

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