Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to Kauai

After 3 weeks in Michigan, we are back to Kauai.  I thought I would start this post by answering a few questions that I was asked multiple times while in Michigan.

- Hawaii is 6 hours behind Michigan, after day-lights savings time it will be 5 hours behind.
- It was about a 10 hour flight from Hawaii to Michigan.
- The weather in Hawaii is always awesome!  We don't normally check the temperature because it doesn't change much, but we think it is normally between 75 and 85 degrees.  Mostly 85 in the summer months.  It cools down a little in the evening.
- Mail is not delivered to most areas of Kauai.  Everyone has a P.O. Box -- which can get annoying because some stores don't ship to P.O. Boxes.
- Not very many people speak Hawaiian.  You probably won't here anyone speaking in Hawaiian if you come here on vacation.  You will here a few words such as aloha (hello), mahalo (thank you), and ono (delicious).
- Most of the street names are in Hawaiian.

Feel free to ask me any other questions and I will try my best to answer them for you.
- Emilie

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