Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hiking the Pihea Trail

Emilie and I went on an amazing hike earlier this week. One of the best either of us have ever been on. It was not the distance or the difficulty that made it the best trail we have ever been on. It was the incredible and continuous views!

This hike stats with a wide and downhill path with instant views of the Kalalau Valley! We have tried many times to get a good view of this valley, but the clouds and fog have always been too thick.

Mud was not the only difficult part of this trail. The terrain proved to be a challenge as well. many parts of this trail become very steep and slippery, however it was a welcome challenge for us. It was a unique experience that I would recommend for anyone willing and able to take the trip. If your not up for the mud or the challenging terrain, I much recommend walking the trail the 1st half mile or so. The views are well worth it and make it far more real compared to the look out points that have railings and beams between you and the cliffs. 

We continued on this trail for about 45 minutes when we came to a fork in the road. we opted to continue towards what we thought was a trail to view a water fall. As we walked, the trail became more and more narrow until it eventually came to a point where it dropped 50 feet, forcing us to turn back and re-evaluate our plan.

As we made it back to the fork, I ran into a girl I coach at the Kauai Gymnastics Academy. It was such a surprise to see someone that I knew on this trail. After talking with her we found that we had a few more miles to go to reach the end of the Alakai Swamp Trail. At that point it started to rain slightly and we could tell more would be coming soon. We decided to head back at that point and end this wonderful hike on a high note.

Although the walk back was on the same trail we hiked in on, the views and senery looked completly different. We ran into rock formations that we had missed on the way and also found a great spot to have a picnic!

This is definitely a hike that we will invite all visitors to experience as family and friends come to visit. Depending on the day and the desire of the group we may try the full trail, or just take in some of the most beautiful views on this island.

- Cory

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree - great views. I hope I see then when I visit Hawaii in June, Liz