Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving to Hanapepe

On Wednesday we will be moving further west to Hanapepe!  I'm looking forward to the move because I will be closer to work and my bus ride should only be around 20 minutes.  This means I can wake up later and get home earlier!  We are going to be living in a cute apartment above a granola store. 

Every Friday night in Hanapepe there is an art fair, which we will be literally seconds away from.  We are also going to be closer to the beach!  Only 1 mile away from a great place to go swimming called Salt Pond.

We will post more pictures later in the week once we have moved in.  

A lot of people have asked us what the rent prices are like here in Kauai.  Well, they are nothing like Ypsilanti, MI. There are very few apartment complexes.  Most rentals are additions that people have added on to their homes or sectioned off.  Some home owners have a separate studio behind their house for rent.  There are not very many options.

Most 1 bedroom apartments/studios are about $1,000 a month, but once in awhile a better deal will open up -- but won't be available for long!   Electricity prices are extremely high, so finding a place that includes utilities is kind of important.  Many people here hang their clothes on a clothesline to dry.  We know people who don't even own a dryer.  Luckily, our new place has both.
Hanapepe was the setting that Disney based the movie "Lilo and Stitch" off of!  We will have to watch the movie and look for the granola store :)

- Emilie

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