Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Camping at Lydgate

Last weekend we went on a two-day camping trip at Lydgate park.  If you look on the map, it is near Wailua.  We have discovered that Lydgate is very convenient for us because it is far enough from Hanapepe to feel like we are going on a trip but the park is close to the grocery store (which is actually quite helpful). 

After work on Friday we were able to leave right away and just pick up food on the way.  It was really nice being able to stay for two days, it felt a lot longer.  I love being able to wake up and already be at the beach with everything I need.  We spent the entire day on Saturday just relaxing.

 We enjoyed watching the sunrise!

 This was the view from our tent!  I love sleeping to the sound of the ocean.

 We recently got a new tent.  It is HUGE!  I think the dimensions are 16x11.  I don't think we would use it on a one night trip, but it is great for multiple nights.  We figured we could also use it when people come to visit us, if they want to go camping.
- Emilie

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