Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Break

Believe it or not, today was the end of our first quarter of the school year!  It went by really fast.  I have the next two days to complete report cards and attend a professional development day, and then we have a week off for fall break.  The best part is that my friend Staci is coming to visit!  We are planning to go camping at Polihale and on the North Shore. 

I decided that I like the school year schedule here better than in Michigan.  We start at the very end of July but school is out in the middle of May.  It is so nice to have a break in the fall.  The stretch from September till the tiny Thanksgiving break always seemed too long.

The past two weeks have been pretty busy at school though.  We went on a field trip last week for a song contest between the four Hawaiian schools on the island.  Their was quite a bit of dialogue between each group's performance, and since it was all in Hawaiian I was not always exactly sure what was going on.  Luckily my friend/co-worker filled me in afterward.

The next day, my 4th and 5th graders went on a field trip to a science fair with the middle school students and  high school science teacher. 

Today, our whole school went bowling!  It was nice to do something extra fun the day before break.  It was my first time in a bowling alley since Cory and I bowled at Ypsi-Arbor bowl about two years ago!  I definitely did not impress my students with my bowling skills, haha. 

 - Emilie

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