Monday, September 3, 2012

Our New Place

We are all moved in to our new place, and we love it!  It was a lot of work because both of us have been sick, and moving all our stuff was exhausting. We are thankful that we had a three-day weekend to rest a little.  Our new place is very quiet and pleasant.  We can't hear the ocean, but we can feel the breeze. We can walk to a nice swimming beach, a gym get into shape, restaurants to get out of shape, and a wide variety of small art galleries.   We realized that we have accumulated quite a bit of stuff since moving to Kauai.  When we came here originally we only had two carry-on suitcases and two checked bags.  But how can you live by the ocean without beach chairs, snorkel equipment, a boogie board, etc?

 The view from our front porch.  

 I love the flowers!

 Our kitchen.

 Our folding camping table is currently our kitchen table as well.  

 Attention Visitors: You will be sleeping here.  It folds out.

 We haven't had one of these in a year!  It will be nice not having to watch movies on our computer.

We are thinking about getting a surf board.  Several of the people who are visiting this year want to go surfing.  Instead of them paying to rent a board we are thinking they could contribute that amount toward us buying one.  They only cost about $100 at Costco.  I don't have a huge desire to learn to surf, but it would be fun. I recently met someone at a garage sale who told Cory and I that, "You two must be surfers, I can just tell."  That made me laugh.  Usually when we meet people they ask us where we are visiting from.  It gets a little annoying after awhile, but we can't blame them because there are so many visitors that it is a fair question.

Today I found out that a local  artist is offering is offering five free painting classes in October.  I'm really excited!  I'm definitely going to go to them.  I love free things and I love art/crafty things. A little while back I bought a few art supplies and tried a few things, but I'm excited to go to a class.  There are plenty of beautiful things around me for inspiration.

- Emilie and Cory


Kathy Richards said...

That is a riot that you can get a surfboard at Costco!! LOL!

Kathy Richards said...

That is a riot that you can get a surfboard at Costco!! LOL!