Monday, October 29, 2012

Tsunami Warning

On Saturday night Cory and I were going to a Halloween party in Lihue.  First, we stopped at a store and while we were there, something about a Tsunami came on the TV.  Cory thought it was old, so we ignored it (they often play old footage of a major hurricane that hit Kauai 20 years ago).  We got in the car and an alert came on the radio, so we changed the station.  The alert came on the new radio station that we turned to, so we finally decided to listen to it.  We discovered that there was an earthquake near Canada and "a tsunami has been generated and the first wave is predicted to hit Hawaii at 10:28 p.m."

Before long, sirens were going off, evacuation centers were opening, and roads were closed to everyone except those evacuating.  We were at our friend's house that is quite a ways inland and blocked by mountains, so we didn't have to evacuate.  We kept checking the news for more information, but I guess tsunami's are unpredictable and we were supposed to prepare for the worst.  Apparently, in Honolulu so many people were evacuating and the traffic was so bad that some people left their cars to start walking toward the mountains.  Turns out, it was a false alarm.  The earthquake only generated a 6 inch wave! Yes, six inches, not six foot (not that a 6 foot wave would have been a big deal either)!  I think Maui got a 5 foot wave.  The regular waves out here are bigger than the "tsunami waves" were.  Hopefully we will never experience a dangerous tsunami though!

- Emilie

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