Sunday, December 2, 2012


It is hard to believe that it is already December.  In two weeks it will be Christmas break and Natalie, Andrew, and Becky will be here!  It has been a little colder here lately (low 70s and high 60s) in the morning.  The whales are starting to come back now too.  If we go on another boat tour over break I hope we see some!

At school the students are getting ready for the Christmas program and parade.  My class is going to make salt-dough ornaments for the kids to take home for their families.  The school garden has grown quite well and we are going to be eating some of the vegetables that we planted in the fall at some point this week.  One of my students asked me if I am Hawaiian because she said I have Hawaiian looking feet.  How funny :)

The hula teacher gave me this pretty basket as a Christmas gift.  He is very talented at making things from the plants and flowers here.  Next week we will start making leis for the Christmas program.

Over the weekend we went to an art fair in Kapa'a.  They have one on the first Saturday of every month.  There were lots of little crafty things for sale, artwork, jewelry, live music and food.  The atmosphere there is a lot like down town Ann Arbor.  We some some little girls doing fire spinning, they were really good!

- Emilie

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