Thursday, December 20, 2012

KANAKA Christmas Program 2012

Last Friday was our school Christmas program!   It was held at the Kekaha Neighborhood Center which is just minutes away from the school.  The kids have spent time over the past month learning new hula dances and practicing singing Christmas carols in Hawaiian to get ready for the program.  We also spent two afternoons at the neighborhood center to practice what it would be like performing there instead of at school.  It was a treat for everybody to go there because it is right on the ocean which makes it so enjoyable.  Plus, they have a great playground which our students loved getting a chance to play on.

 This is the neighborhood center.

 This isn't the best picture, but we had a lot of great Christmas decorations and a stage set up.  Teachers stand behind the students as they perform as a sign of our support of them.

Every student received a Christmas gift at the end of the program.

 All of the girls wore white muumuu's to the program.  The students also had lei's that had been spray painted gold.  They were very pretty.

 The hula teacher made about a dozen of these beautiful wreaths to use as decorations.  We got to take this one home at the end of the night.  It is so pretty!  I always wanted a wreath for my door too!

The most special part of the night was receiving these beautiful earrings from the family of one of my students.  They are hand-made from the famous Niihau shells.  I am  so appreciative that I got such a special gift because I know how much work goes into making them.  First, they have to find each shell (which must be hard since the shells are so tiny).  Then they have to carefully clean out the sand and poke holes in them (I have been told that this is hard to do without breaking them).  Next of course they need to be strung and  made into the earrings.  It is hard to describe what a special gift this was.

If you are interested in a more detailed description of how the jewerly is made, or for more information about Niihau, the link below is to a great site.

- Emilie

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