Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Horseback Riding on the Beach

One of the highlights of Christmas break was horseback riding with Becky.  It is something that I have been wanting to do since we moved here, but Cory was not particularly interested in.  Becky has always wanted to ride a horse on the beach, so we figured that now was the time.

There are multiple companies that offering horseback riding on Kauai.  We chose CJM stables because they are close to where we live and I knew that the area we would be riding in would be very beautiful and had a lower chance of rain than some of the other areas on the island.  From a visitors perspective, Becky thought that horseback riding was a great way to see the landscape of Kauai. 

 On our way!

 Not a bad view! 

 My horse is named Chex

 Becky's horse is named Hapa

We had a great time on our tour.  I'm so glad we went, it was definitely worth it.

- Emilie


bob craft said...

That is funny. Cory's mother took horseback riding lessons.

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