Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ATV Tour

One of the perks of Cory's zip-lining job is that he was able to sign us up for a complementary ATV tour this past weekend.  We traveled 25 miles around Kauai in a "mud bug".  As always, the scenery was beautiful, even while being covered in mud!  We stopped at a little waterfall for lunch and jumped into the freezing cold river water.  We had a ton of fun, it was probably one of my favorite "tourist attractions" on the island.  Although, I think the boat tours are the #1 attraction.
Here we are in our Mud Bug.

 The beginning of the tour was near an old sugar mill.

 We went into a tunnel that went through a mountain.

 Then the mud began... Cory made sure to hit every puddle 

 This is the lunch stop at the little waterfall.

Can you imagine going through puddles like this for 3 hours?.. Or what we looked like afterwards...

Needless to say, we had to stop at the beach after the tour to wash the mud off of us.  The ATV company did provide extra t-shirts and shorts for people who were worried about getting their clothes dirty (which makes sense if you are on vacation and don't have a washing machine).

- Emilie

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No doubt, the entire family had so much fun riding the ATV!

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