Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SHARK! - Captain Andy's Boat Tour

Emilie and I went out on a Zodiac ride through Captain Andy's. We have been out to the Na Pali Coast many times but had never taken out a Zodiac. This type of boat only holds about 12-15 people and is very small. Due to its size it makes the trip a bumpy one, which we thought would make it fun... it didn't, but other parts of the trip made it worth it!

This is us just getting on our boat. Our group consisted of two Zodiacs but the only thing we did together was eat and snorkel...  I'll touch on the snorkeling at the end...

Because it was a smaller boat and the waves were big, we all got wet but it was worth it because we got to actually go into these sea caves!...

This cave was interesting because once you get inside, you can still see the sky. It was awesome!

Here is the view from inside the cave looking out!

One of many waterfalls flowing  into the ocean...

This is what they call the "Cathedrals" it was an incredible view.

In another cave you can see there was a waterfall coming down from the ceiling. Small but fun.

After lunch we went snorkeling off a beach that is only accessible by boat. The water was very nice and the amount of marine life was incredible! A little too incredible.  I swam through an opening in the reef that looked like a road for fish, it was about 40 ft from the surface of the water. The further I went out, the larger the fish got. They went from 6 inches to a foot. One foot to 3 feet, and 3 feet to 4 feet....then right to 6-7 feet!!!

It was my 1st shark sighting since I have been out in Hawaii. It was awesome.  Thankfully it did not pop up in front of my face. It was a good distance from me, but I was able to catch a glimpse and then head on back to ensure I kept all of my limbs. :-)


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