Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Week - Leis and Graduation

This is my last week  here in Hawaii, I leave on Friday night!  The kids last day of school was this past Thursday and graduation was on Friday.  Graduation was a lot of fun, Kaleo (the kindergarten/first grade teacher) and I danced hula with the kids during one of the songs.  I will try to find a video to post.  Below is a description of the story that goes with the dance (I know the words are small, you might need to zoom in).

The week leading up to graduation flew by!  We did some fun classroom games and activities.  We also cleaned the classroom and made leis.  They made leis out of a plant called "Job's Tears" which produces a seed that is the perfect size and shape of a bead and already has a hole in the center.  The colors of the seeds are blue, grey, black, and green.  One of the neat things about making a lei out of job's tears is that it won't wilt and die, you can keep it!

I made my leis out of stephanotis and pikake flowers.  Stephanotis flowers were in my wedding bouquet as well!
 These are pikake flowers.


I love these kids so much!

- Emilie

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